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Daily Dawnings

Daily Dawnings 80 – Mary, Mary, Mary!

DAILY DAWNINGS 80 – Mary, Mary, Mary!!! We have seen the anguish of the relatives of the missing Malaysian plane, the anguish of the sunken South Korean ship but we are left to imagine what it must have been like for Mary and Mary and Mary at Calvary! MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS Just imagine as a mother how she felt as she looked up at the cross, she knew it was her Son who was hanging there but He was so badly beaten she didn’t recognise Him! I’m sure as she stood there she was bewildered, confused and heartbroken […]

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Rays of Truth Bible Study

Rays of Truth Bible Study

Invitation If you would like to come to New Dawn’s Rays of Truth Bible Study on Wednesday 16th April at 8.00pm in THE MILL , BROUGHSHANE we would love to […]

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